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Oct. 15th, 2011

b/w vamp smile


Anybody home?

No one has posted here since '09????  How did that happen???  I always loved this com.  *sigh*

Anywho....  I am here to invite anyone interested to sign up for the Undead Bang that I, elusive_life_77 and glasslogic are hosting this year.

Last year it was the L4Dbigbang, but after several requests were made we decided to open it up to all forms of the undead.

Oct. 7th, 2009

horse laugh


(no subject)

Title: The Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Author:  Saberivojo
Characters: Dean, Sam and Bobby
Warnings/Rating:  Gen.Some potty mouth...PG-13 
Summary: . Cowboy!Dean, Cowboy!Sam and Cowboy!Bobby.  And horses.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not getting paid. Just like playing with the boys.

alwaysenduphere   asked for the below prompt and I thought it was so cool that I had to try.

I really want fic with Dean on a horse. I'd LOVE for it to be in an apocalyptic setting, but not necessary. An explanation of lack of impala would be an added bonus but not necessary, eithe

[info]oxoniensis Fandom Free All is going on and I just had to jump on the wagon.
[info]chemm80 Thanks for putting up with me.  My lack of POV. You deserve a beta award.  Like an an academy award except much much better.  You are amazing.  Of course any mistakes are my own.


May. 22nd, 2009



Bobby's Rules

 Title: Bobby's Rules
Author: Saberivojo
Rating: G
Genre: Gen, Pre-series
Pairing: None
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Some potty mouth
Disclaimer: I own nobody.
Notes: Bobby only has a few rules.

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Apr. 20th, 2009

JDM  JohnLove


SPN Fic: If It Comes to That (Gen, PG-13, Bobby, John, H/C, Pre-Series)

Title: If It Comes to That
Author: Dodger Winslow
Genre: Gen, Pre-series
Word Count: 2800
Prompt: H/C Meme: Bobby and John, gen. John is injured on a hunt
                and Bobby knows that he has to get him back to his boys...

Rating: PG-13 for language
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, I'm just stalking them for a while ...

Summary: He was not unlike a dog in that regard. On Winchester’s better days, when the world wasn’t riding him like a curse and his own hell-bent-for-leather nature hadn’t led him down the road to ruin to a ride on the next River Stix-bound handbasket, he could be down-right friendly. Chatty even. Damned near charming … if a man poking at your raw spots just to see if you’d twitch was the kind of thing a fella found charming. But on his bad days—be that bad a physical bad or a mental one—he’d like as not bite any hand extended for the purposes of helping in lieu of accepting it as any kind of mercy intended. Not one for trusting, that John Winchester. Nor one for expecting any but the worst from even those he knew best, either.

If It Comes to That

Aug. 22nd, 2008

Dean You're a Smartass Animated


Promise Me

Well, I don't know what rock I was under but I just found this community. Very cool. Thought as a new member I'd add my one and only SPN fic to the archive. :)

Title: Promise Me
Author: Marie soydolcelatte
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Summary: Sam and Dean get to go swimming at the motel and things get a little out of hand.
Wordcount: 1500

May. 10th, 2008


Trust Building

Rating: PG-13
Characters: Bela and Lilith
Spoilers : 3.15 Time Is on My Side
Disclaimers: Not mine, in case you are confused about the meaning of FANfiction

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Apr. 23rd, 2008

Jared--VC bfast with nice hair



Author: Philote
Characters/Pairing: Sam, secondary Bobby, Jo, Bela, Ruby, Dean (bits of Sam/Jo and Sam/Bela
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The characters and situations of Supernatural do not belong to me. I make no money from this story. Please don’t sue.
Warnings: Spoilers through 3x11 “Mystery Spot.” Also, kinda dark.

It’s been months of solitary, single-minded killing. Sam may be honing his hunting abilities, but his people skills are growing rusty. Missing scenes for “Mystery Spot.”

Mar. 20th, 2008

Jared--VC bfast with nice hair


Afternoons and Coffeespoons

Category: SPN, AU, humor, gen
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sam, Dean, assorted cameos and OCs
Warnings: Brief allusions to old people having sex. . . .
Spoilers: General for seasons one and two, especially "All Hell Breaks Loose part I"

The Yellow Eyed Demon was a liiiiiiittle bit delayed in getting around to his psychic kids.

Mar. 19th, 2008

Jared--VC bfast with nice hair




Rating: PG
Category: SPN Gen
Word Count: 6,086
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue, no offense, no money.

Dean skids to a halt. “Sam!” he screams, already darting back the way he’d been running. There’s nothing but flattened grass where Sam was just standing. Dean spins in a full circle, not really believing what he’s seeing. Sam by all rights should have been hit square in the chest but he’s-


Jared--VC bfast with nice hair


The Kite-Eating Tree

Author:  musesfool
Supernatural; Sam and Dean; g; 1110 words

"The kite-eating tree doesn't stand a chance."

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